It seems to me that a dog is the best thing that could be invented for a person. I also read that the hypothesis that the ancient man evolved into Homo sapiens, thanks to the help of the dog.

Algicor was registered with the FCI in 2007.

Our kennel is not big and is family. Our dogs live side by side with us, and every day we communicate very closely.

Ch Rus, Ch RKF, CC Trisha was my first Pembroke. She was born in 2003 and she was the daughter of Annline´s Unreal Thoughts and she was the greatgranddaughter of Am Ch Salvenik Sweet Thoughts.

I’ve been in the ring with a dog for 30 years now.

I have experience with different breeds.

We walk the dogs every day in the city so that the dogs know all the manifestations of civilization. I try to make my dogs manageable, comfortable for life with a person.

I love raising my puppies and meeting wonderful people who take them home to love.

The kennel collected the bloodlines of the best kennels from Europe, America, Africa and Australia.