Junior Champion Russian, Champion Spain, Latin Winner, Champion RKF 7x CACIB, 9 x CAC

Cruft´s qualification,

Camorra Magic Kiss iz Angarii

Kissa is our great luck.
This is our most titled Pembroke.
This dog knows how to please you and loves to be stared at and there is a lot of activity around.
Kissa is the granddaughter of Remy and Benjamin.
She has a shepherd’s certificate Herding: NHAT-1, HWT-TS.

Very promising, Beata Petkevica, Volgograd,26.08.2018
Very promising, CW, BOB puppy, Ivanova Larisa, Novorossiysk, 6.10.2018
Excellente 1st, Begma Inna, Krasnodar, 23.12.2018
Excellente 1st, CW, JCAC, Elena Bichkova, Krasnodar 15.12.2018
Excellente 1st, CW, JCAC, BOB Jun, Oleg Vasiliev, Krasnodar, 16.12.2018
Excellente 1st, CW, JCAC, Kukoleva Elena, Krasnodar, 29.12.2018
Excellente, Shamil Abrakimov, Krasnodar, 15.12.2018
Excellentе, Word Dog Show, Michael Forte, Madrid, 24.06.2022
Excellent, Word Dog Show, Michael Forte, Madrid, 24.06.2022
Excellente 1st, RCAC, RCACIB, Cronader Ake, Talavera de La reyna, 5.10.2019
Excellente 1st, CAC, CACIB, Adrian Argente, Valls, 26.10.2019
Excellente 1st, CAC, BOB, Eugeniy Yerusalimsky, Valencia, 14.12.2019
Excellente 1st, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Francisco Ranea, Valencia,15.12.2019
Excellente 1st, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Christian Karcher, Perpignan,26.01.2020
Excellente 1st, CAC, BOB, Rade Dakic, Perpignan, 25.01.2020
Excellente 1st, CAC, BOS, Ch RKF, Alex Belkin, Cherepovets,29.08.2020
Excellente 1st, CAC, Ch FSS, V. Alexandrov, Cherepovets, 29.08.2020
Excellente 1st, CACIB, BOB, Francisco Ruiz, Odena, 16.05.2021
Excellente 1st, CACIB, BOB, Denis Kruzelj, Odena, 30.05.2021
Excellente 1st, CAC, CACIB, BOB, punto obligatorio, Alejandro Palacin, Madrid, 25.09.2021
Excellente 1st, CAC, CACIB, punto obligatorio, Gerard Jipping, Madrid, 26.09.2021
Excellente, Word Dog Show, Michael Forte, Madrid, 24.06.2022